About Us.
"For The Love Of the Breed"
About Arnold & family

Hello, my name is Arnold I got my fist Akc Pomeranian
when I was 12 years old . I have always loved and cared for animals
since I could remember . I love to raise beautiful show AKC
Pomeranian's We strive to produce healthy happy baby's. All dogs
are raised on our almost 3 acre home . We are backed by natural
beautiful  stream with frogs and Cray fish & 120 acre citrus groove.
Know as the Orange crest in the Green belt of Riverside,CA .
Although we don't show as much as we like too we still
strive for that perfect Pomeranian puppy . We plan on
showing alot more going towards retirement :) We love
going too the AKC dog shows and enjoying seeing all the
beautiful Pomeranians and of course all our pomeranian
friends that love the breed just as much as us .
We have acuired some of the best bloodlines we can find
and have been working very hard too reproduce some
stunning babys. Most our our stud's are Champions our
have a champion pedigree . We like to thank all the
breeders that have intrusted us with there precious poms.
We have been working with White and party Pomeranians for
while and proud to produce some lovely specimens